9:04 pm - Wed, Sep 10, 2014
35 notes

When I have my first paper due:

8:49 am - Wed, Sep 3, 2014
20 notes

When my roomie says she wants the ac off because it makes too much noise:

8:40 am
3 notes

When I get home and see my roomie turned the air off in the apartment:

8:35 am
1 note

When my roomie tries to tell me the guidelines to OUR room:


8:15 am
1 note

When I talk to my best friend about my roomies:

11:05 pm - Mon, Jan 13, 2014
6 notes

When my professor is going over his class rules that includes no laptops:

11:03 pm
3 notes

When someone drops the class I need:

11:02 pm
60 notes

When people tell me I spend too much time on this website:

11:01 pm
10 notes

When I make my New Years resolution:

10:59 pm
34 notes

When the semester starts back up:

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